Sunday, February 22, 2015

Project Captain Planet rev 3

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And please read until the end, even though it may sound like I'm saying the same thing a few times, there's a reason behind everything you're about to read. 

This enlightenment is brought to you by Cody Banker. My plan is to get the word out, to change the world for the better. These next few sentences are 100% important for this to work. Now, everything I say is simply for you to read, and accept. It may sound conceded, or ignorant, but you truly are these things if you tell me I'm not right. These are pure hard facts, and 100% correct. You have to keep an open mind while reading this. You have to be willing to want to learn, and want to change the world for the better. I can't do it alone, but I can help you help me change it! There is no intention of me trying to sound childish by using profanity. There is allot of psychology involved.

Now you may begin to read, as long as you understand the paragraph above.

(I am 100% going to be throwing a few things in to the paragraphs semi-unorganized because I'm thinking of them as I go, and they are completely needed to be there for their relevance. So please just bear with me until you make it to the end.)

This brings me to my first point. There are ONLY 2 different types of people in this world. That's what it in fact comes down to. There are the selfish, closed minded people, and then you have the people like me. Open minded, willing to accept anything, only like the truth (which there should only be nothing but truth, lying doesn't make anything good or better) and has a big heart and just wants happiness for myself, and everyone else on the planet.

Now, these... selfish, close minded people. Well I may as well even throw the word "greedy" in here because it's also true here. These people are the people that run the companies that ruin everything. These people (100 people) run the entire government and control everything. They are indeed "close minded". They only care about making money, and when they do this, they ruin the world for EVERYONE else. They make shitty paying jobs, that don't have benefits. (Wal-Mart, McDonalds etc.) These people also think that they worked hard to get where they are, but this isn't true. They just did some stuff, to fuck up everything possible to get there. They think they are right, and everyone else is wrong. (Closed minded)

Then you have the open minded people. Whether or not you think this is possible, it is. Ignorance is not bliss, and patience is not a virtue. BE OPEN MINDED! IT’S THE ONLY WAY! I'll simply brush my fingers on the subject that there is indeed just the druggies, and shitty people on this planet that don't want to do anything. These people are lost, and broken. So is anyone else who wants to just be ignorant and say "oh screw this, he's an idiot". I'm only telling the truth here, once you accept this as enlightenment, the closer you are to helping this world become a better place again.
Stop being selfish! Stop wanting more then you need! (well not completely, I'll brush on this again later) But you need to care about other people's happiness, not just yours. Yes, your happiness should come first, just don't try to stomp people in your way of getting there. Be kind to your neighbors, and they will be kind to you. Have the open mind so that you can help fix the problems in this world. Be willing to accept new idea, and not just block something out and be closed minded.

Well I guess I shall start listing the things in this world, that we can fix, and how things should be. I don't say this to sound stupid, because I'm not, just telling the truth here. To help you get a better understanding, I'll going to be implementing ideas with in ideas for example's, whether they make complete sense or not. I'll try to cover everything, but I may forget to explain something, so if you know me, feel free to ask what is on your mind. There's a difference between a debate and a argument as well, keep that in mind. I discuss, not argue. I only have to argue with the closed minded people, because they can't open their minds. Learning and being smart gives you a big plus to help understand all of this.

Now, get arid of money. There should not be money, we shouldn't have to rely on it, and it does nothing but help keep the world the way it is. With that said, I don't think a money system is completely irrelevant. There's so much to say, I'm going to do my best. Now, money makes you think that you need it, to survive, to buy things you don't currently have. (The bad thing about trying to explain all of this, is that there's 10 different things that go through my mind, and I can't type fast enough) Money creates this condition that you think you need everything you don't have, and want everything you don't have. Yes, you should have everything you want, because we're all humans and deserve to be equally happy. Yes, money makes the world go round, and yes money can buy happiness. Happiness is acquired through many different things. I'm not a materialistic person, I don't care for money.  This is because I know how badly we are brought into this world and brainwashed to think this is how it works. You are controlled from the day you come out of the womb. You don't know how else to think, because it is all you know. Then you have the few people like me that have the ability to look past everything, and see things for what they are. (This is what I'm trying to help you do, but enlightening you and teaching you what you don't know) I have spent my entire 22 years of my life, learning, watching, and thinking. This is how I came to the point where I am now.
Happiness, it's the most important thing, and the only important thing in this world. Everyone wants to be happy, and you should want everyone to be happy. As a great man once said,

 "I should like to help everyone - if possible - Jew, Gentile - black man - white. We all want to help one another. Human beings are like that. We want to live by each other’s happiness - not by each other’s misery. We don’t want to hate and despise one another. In this world there is room for everyone. And the good earth is rich and can provide for everyone. The way of life can be free and beautiful, but we have lost the way."
-Charlie Chaplin

He realized this in 1940! Now look how bad things are! Because we haven't done anything! Because people keep a closed selfish mind! OPEN YOUR MIND, LEARN, WATCH, OBSERVE, and THINK. Happiness is everything, and everyone can be happy. We shouldn't have to work a job just to make money, and make money to buy the things we need to be happy. We should be able to do what we want, when we want, however we want. (Yes there are limitations to what is wrong and what is right toward being humane and civil. This is why we have laws, even though they all need to be changed and created by people like me.)

I believe I was put on this planet to change the world. My twin brother told me a phrase that is used to explain people like me, "Star Child". These are people who were 100% put on this earth for a purpose. I believe that changing the world, is my purpose. Now, posting this on the internet is very scary indeed. This is because of those close minded selfish people don't want people like me coming up in this world. I'm basically a Divergent, if you get the reference, you can truly understand what I'm trying to say here. I'm scared that these people are going to come after me, and try to keep me from changing the world. We have to spread these words, so that we can all learn, and think better. I try to be positive almost 100% of the time, if I can be. But that's when work and money and all of that come in to place, where sadness is created, that is the source. We shouldn't ever have to feel stress, sadness, or have to be scared of anything. It's not healthy, it's not happy, it's not positive. We are all human beings and we deserve to be happy, just as much as the next person does. If you have seen these 2 movies, "The Wolf of Wallstreet", and "Divergent", you will have a better understanding of what I'm trying to say.

I guess I'll talk about drugs for a second, because they are a big factor to how the world works sometimes. Yes, there are different drugs, and yes, some drugs I think should not even exist. But there's always the simple fact that certain people want certain drugs. No I'm not saying that we should create a store to sell everything you could want or need. I say this for the fact how the drugs that are just beyond horrible for you, and even kills you and your brain cells. Stuff like Meth and Crack should all be taken out of this world and forgotten. Other drugs like Cocaine and Marijuana are lighter drugs, and are actually semi-useful. Some people like to take Coke because they want to keep running, and not run out of energy and such. Movies depict and make you think badly about drugs, because they are teaching you possibly bad information. Some people only know what they are taught, and don't know anything else. Marry J is a great drug for the certain properties that it has. It can help people gain weight, by making them hungry, and it can also help people that have sleeping disorders. Then you have the Psychedelics. These drugs are for the extreme people that want to explore what is beyond life and possible see what their minds can come up with. BUT, what it all comes down to in the end almost every time is that people take drugs because they aren't happy in life. Or they are stressed and need an out to just get away from the problems that the selfish closed minded people created for us, and put us in a bad life.

I will say that people who believe "you can change your life, and make things different, but you have to be willing to change" are possibly half right. When you think about it though, these people have been driven so far away from what is normal and happy; they think these things make them happy. But they are broken, and need to be repaired. They have a bad way of thinking, but were pushed by the system in the first place to get there. But it is true, you can change anything, you just have to be willing to do it. You have to want to be different, better, happy. They are in denial and think that it is making them happy, or it just keeps them from wanting to kill themselves in the end. It's horrible, and I have not done too much thinking about it all yet, but I have the ability to be able to figure out a way to fix these broken people, and I want them to be fixed. I love everyone deep down, and I care about everything that happens to everyone. I just want everyone to be happy in this world, and kind to everyone. I want peace, and tranquility. The end game is that everyone should be happy, and want everyone else to be happy, and healthy.

There's nothing wrong with needing help. There's nothing wrong with wanted to be helped to get back to the way everyone should be and think. (Like I said before at the beginning, I'm not trying to sound conceded, ruling, or communist. I am just telling the cold hard truth.) This is the true way to fix this world, and make everything right. Having all of the money in the world can make anyone happy because they can have anything and everything they want. Other people are jealous of these people, because they just want to be happy like them. There's a certain point where having too much is a problem. But if you want to earn it, to have the super extra things, then that's just what makes you happy. But the system I think of, you can simply earn what you want, and work for it.  But there's a limit of what everyone should have to an extant because I don't want everyone just being materialistic. That's not a healthy way to life per say. If someone wants to be content just playing video games because it's relaxing and helps them be happy, fine. If someone wants to have a boat, and an ATV to be happy, sure let them if that's what makes them happy. These are on the lines of small things that should be okay to be happy with. Then there's the people like I said will have to earn the really stupendously big things, like a mansion, and a yacht. Just like we have now, but none of these things would/should be as difficult as they are to acquire.

We shouldn't have to pay for energy to keep our lights on in our house, or to run our refrigerators. Tesla has come out with a new invention "The Battery Box" device that you can store natural energy such as wind and solar. (It's just a way to go green, and keep things simple, but that is another whole discussion within itself.) We shouldn't have to work a shitty paying job. By this I mean increase the pay if we are going to keep the money system. I'm just saying the system needs to be re-invented by people like me, because we still need some shitty paying jobs, like Wal-Mart. It's a very useful and reliant company for humans. And stuff like CVS, Walgreen's, restaurants (even though we technically don't need them, they are nice to have to go out to add a little more to the level of happiness.) I do however think that some companies like fast food McDonalds, Taco bell and such should be closed for the simple fact they are not healthy. They are not healthy because of the fact the selfish people want to make as much money possible, so they sell the cheapest things they possibly can. If we reinvented those companies as well, sure we can keep them. And I don't think that everyone should have to work at them. People who like making food should be at these jobs, or maybe kids for a first job to get into the work environment. Or even if you are just okay with working at these jobs part time just because you don't know what else you want/need to do to make you happy, or continue your happiness.

Everything is going to have to be re-written, and re-thought to be able to come to the end game of changing the world. Yes, it is going to be very time consuming, and such, but I'm willing to do it, just as many other people are, to better the world. No one should have to starve either, it just shouldn't happen ever. Even people in other countries other than the United States of America. We're not united anymore, and that's the problem.

There are 100% a million other things I could say, and teach. These things would have to just be pulled into a discussion with me for my brain to be able to think of them is all. This is pretty much what I needed to say, and to get out to being a change. You just have to want to be a part of it. (I can't do this alone!) I really hope this has opened your mind, and helped you be able to have an open mind. If not, it's probably because you are still closed minded, and selfish. This is all truth, and nothing but the truth. I implore you to simply share these words, because nothing is going to change if the words don't get out how to change it. I would like to even go talk to kids at schools and teach them how to think correctly. They are so negative and selfish now, because they are stuck in this horrible system that we created. Bullying and all of that, that's another discussion I could have. We're brought up in this world to be in fear, and scared to do anything because we are being oppressed into thinking we will get in trouble for doing something about it. Something else also would be religion, and why it is a huge problem to not have world peace. It's closed minded thinking, and being cruel and mean just because other people are different then your people. But that thought right there is a huge issue why the world is the way it is as well.

Here is some of the aftermath after sharing this information with some people, in which I discussed with them afterwards what they think. Using this collective thinking to get closer to the end result of making changes, I was able to come up with some more stuff. As well as just talking into some more details of what we should do, and how to build the system correctly.

We should start by talking about what the purpose of reading this mainly was. It was to simply spread a different kind of thinking, in hopes to help other be enlightened, in turn to want to help start making the change. I'll say it 100 times over, I'm only one person, and I need the rest of you so that we can start making the change. As a collective, by talking in large groups, and letting everyone help make it more of a perfect system, we can accomplish anything.

Now, I had not one, but two different people say the word "reset". Yes, this is what the world really needs. I'm trying to divert from the thing we all actually see happening. I'm in the mind set to want and skip the Apocalypse, and another revolution to solve this in solidarity. There doesn't have to be war, and death to correct all the wrong in the world. It just doesn't have to be that way. Some, maybe even many people would argue the fact that this is the only way that anything will change, through violence. But that's why I'm here, to keep the peace, and to settle everything the right way.

I shall being to explain what the actual goal in the background is in all of this. So like I said, there does in fact need to be a reset. We need to just take some time, and come up with new ways to change things, and how to keep people working and having jobs. But in a positive way. I have an idea that we can end up creating some sort of test that can help you pick the job that you would like to work. It will test what you are interested in, and what your skills are currently. This is to simply help you be successful and put you in the right direction for what you would be happy doing. On top of this, people need to learn how to lighten up, enjoy the little things, and have a sense of humor. These are very important to keep you happy, and not stressed, and not want to resent others and such. Very good thinkers, should be the people that are the managers. People that can continually make tough, but good choices for certain situations to keep the work flow healthy, and be able to keep the peace. In term with that said, I do think every manager for anything should take a psychology class to learn and make better choices then not having the knowledge to make them.

Another thing I conversed about, was "well what do you think is going to happen if everyone wants a Yacht to be happy". My reaction was that well, not everyone is going to want/need a Yacht to be happy. Some people are not even going to want the responsibility that owning one comes with. This is just one thing. He also said  "well what if we don't have enough yachts, and we run out of resources to have them". My great idea for a solution is that well, look at all these car lots for instance, with materials just sitting there being wasted away. They make too much of allot of things that the consumers can't even buy. We need to take what we have to conserve and not be wasteful. Turn them into other things that are useful, in high demand, and needed, not wanted. For instance the Tesla invention to hold power. We could take a car apart, melt it down, and make something useful in a green way so that the materials never go to waste persay. This would also create more jobs because we'll need people to upkeep things like this.

I guess now I can maybe break into the education system and crack the piggy bank open. Well, education should 110% be free. We should not shun people for being smart, and wanting to be smarter to learn and be creative.  We need these people to advance and become better for the greater good. To make new  inventions, or be able to work certain jobs that require certain knowledge. Like Doctors for instance, or electricians. Then you have people like me that would like to design things, and invent things. There have been many great people on this planet that we needed like, Albert Einstein, and Stephen Hawking. Without these people, and them having the ability to just stop learning, and start thinking, we wouldn't be where we are today. And there will always be people like this. And another good example of great people are simply involved with NASA.

The entire money situation, and how that should be, would have to be discussed amongst a lot of people. Once we can hear the ideas, we can then start making things better as a working system. Money currently is way too easy to be manipulated and controlled in negative ways. Too many people are greedy just for money, because they are already in the mind set that it's a necessity to have. Which it currently is don't get me wrong. Without money, you can't buy food to stay alive, or gas to get to your job to make more money. But the cost of living needs to be dropped drastically.

People can't technically be happy with just food. Because they will get fat, then completely hate themselves. We need to want everyone to be equally healthy, and promote good health and habits. Working out is a great thing for your body. This isn't just lifting weights and getting buff as hell. But our bodies need some sort of exercise to keep the upkeep on it. It's just like a car, you have to put oil in it, change the tires, fix broken parts. The human body is the same way, but that's where the preventive maintenance comes in to play.

The 3 Sets of 3. Healthy and caring thinking.

3 sets of 3
Where am I
What am I doing
Where the exit
What should I be thinking
What can I do to change
How can I change it

Now then. The past is one of the most important part. This allows you do look back on things that have happened, and what you use to know. Looking at the past also gives you wisdom. They say you learn from your past and experiences, which this is true. The future allows you to change your perception of how you viewed things in the past, as well as change more things in the future. But not until you are in the future is this possible.

Thinking about the future is more of the planning stage. What you want to be, what things you want to change, and how to change it. It is also important not to take on too many things at once for the future. Time is everything, and everything takes time.

This is where the present starts to take effect. The few simple things such as saying yes and no, change the way everything turns out. While in the present you must also think before you speak. You need to learn how to see through other peoples eyes. Take a scenario and try to view it from all angles before you make the decision no matter what it is. This in turn effects your past. And once your past is effected, it then changes the way you can also see the future.

Next is the "where am I" phase. This indeed is what it sounds to be. "Where are you?" You need to take a moment and make sure you know where you are, physically and mentally. Once you get to this point the "what am I doing" section is injected.

In this time you can decide whether or not you are doing what you should be, or what you hope to be doing. If you are doing something wrong, or something you wish you weren't doing, you can not change that. It's personal opinion what good and bad is at this point. So make the choice for yourself.

Last but not least, where's the exit? Once again physically and mentally this is important. Know your way out of where you are, and any situation you may be in. Always have an escape plan, or a back up plan. This is critical when something goes wrong, or takes a drastic change because of something else.

What should I be thinking? Well that is for you to decide. Me personally, I can think very quickly. Skipping from one idea to another instantaneously. This could be positive, negative, or reflecting on things. It could also be creating anything that you may see fit that could benefit many or few.

What can I do to change? Well what can you do to change? There are many ways to go about this, and not everything is going to work. This is why all of this connects to one another. You need to decide what you would like to change, and then how to change it.

Which brings us to the final part, what can I do to change it? Once you have put everything else together you can start changing things. I only see changing things that are positive for you and your life are only important. This may sound selfish, but in not done yet. Making a change is the best part, whether it is helping someone else change, or yourself. You can choose to help others to change the smallest things. Every change has an impact. I help everyone in any way that I can. Yes doing this doesn't benefit me most of the time, but it does at the same time. Personally it doesn't benefit me. But it benefits knowing that you made a positive change on something, which in turn can cause a chain reaction to other changes.

I hope you enjoyed this read. If you would like to hear more, say something, and I have plenty to share.