Sunday, February 22, 2015

The 3 Sets of 3. Healthy and caring thinking.

3 sets of 3
Where am I
What am I doing
Where the exit
What should I be thinking
What can I do to change
How can I change it

Now then. The past is one of the most important part. This allows you do look back on things that have happened, and what you use to know. Looking at the past also gives you wisdom. They say you learn from your past and experiences, which this is true. The future allows you to change your perception of how you viewed things in the past, as well as change more things in the future. But not until you are in the future is this possible.

Thinking about the future is more of the planning stage. What you want to be, what things you want to change, and how to change it. It is also important not to take on too many things at once for the future. Time is everything, and everything takes time.

This is where the present starts to take effect. The few simple things such as saying yes and no, change the way everything turns out. While in the present you must also think before you speak. You need to learn how to see through other peoples eyes. Take a scenario and try to view it from all angles before you make the decision no matter what it is. This in turn effects your past. And once your past is effected, it then changes the way you can also see the future.

Next is the "where am I" phase. This indeed is what it sounds to be. "Where are you?" You need to take a moment and make sure you know where you are, physically and mentally. Once you get to this point the "what am I doing" section is injected.

In this time you can decide whether or not you are doing what you should be, or what you hope to be doing. If you are doing something wrong, or something you wish you weren't doing, you can not change that. It's personal opinion what good and bad is at this point. So make the choice for yourself.

Last but not least, where's the exit? Once again physically and mentally this is important. Know your way out of where you are, and any situation you may be in. Always have an escape plan, or a back up plan. This is critical when something goes wrong, or takes a drastic change because of something else.

What should I be thinking? Well that is for you to decide. Me personally, I can think very quickly. Skipping from one idea to another instantaneously. This could be positive, negative, or reflecting on things. It could also be creating anything that you may see fit that could benefit many or few.

What can I do to change? Well what can you do to change? There are many ways to go about this, and not everything is going to work. This is why all of this connects to one another. You need to decide what you would like to change, and then how to change it.

Which brings us to the final part, what can I do to change it? Once you have put everything else together you can start changing things. I only see changing things that are positive for you and your life are only important. This may sound selfish, but in not done yet. Making a change is the best part, whether it is helping someone else change, or yourself. You can choose to help others to change the smallest things. Every change has an impact. I help everyone in any way that I can. Yes doing this doesn't benefit me most of the time, but it does at the same time. Personally it doesn't benefit me. But it benefits knowing that you made a positive change on something, which in turn can cause a chain reaction to other changes.

I hope you enjoyed this read. If you would like to hear more, say something, and I have plenty to share.

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